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Edmonton Railway Construction & Track Maintenance

Quality Railway Services, an Aboriginal owned COR certified railroad contracting company offering full-service railway solutions in Edmonton.


How We Service Edmonton's RailRoads

Track construction projects

Elevate your railway infrastructure with our expertise in constructing yards, spurs, sidings, and transit rails across Edmonton.

Track maintenance

Rely on comprehensive track maintenance solutions tailored for both major class 1 railways and Shortline Railways.

Surfacing projects

Enhance track stability for a seamless and efficient transit experience that aligns with the highest industry standards.


Our team specializes in seamlessly integrating railway switches, critical for directing trains onto different tracks.


Our boom truck services deliver efficient lifting solutions for railway projects, using equipment and expertise to meet construction needs.


With our backhoe services, we efficiently excavate and maintain railway infrastructure, to meet the demands of railway projects.


Employing quality thermite welding methods, we forge strong and durable connections between railway tracks.


Through precise welding techniques, we meticulously maintain and repair switch points and frogs, vital components of railway tracks.

Track protection flagging

Our experienced team maintains a secure work environment, preventing accidents and promoting the well-being of your team.

Certified Track inspectors

Rely on the expertise of our certified track inspectors for rigorous compliance with safety standards.

Tie changing projects

Strengthen your tracks with systematic tie-changing projects, prioritizing safety and efficiency for long-lasting railway infrastructure.

Rail changing projects

Our experienced team is committed to delivering excellence, ensuring a reliable and efficient rail network.


Our specialized snow removal services keep railway tracks clear and accessible, minimizing disruptions during harsh winter conditions.

Light rail projects

Specializing in contributing to the expansion of transit networks through sustainable and efficient light rail projects.

Direct fixation

Implementing direct fixation systems, we securely fasten railway tracks to the ground, enhancing stability and resilience while minimizing maintenance needs.

About Us

over 10 decades Of Edmonton Track Maintenance & Construction

A COR certified railroad contracting company, is proud to serve the Edmonton area with exceptional rail solutions. Our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and quality in every project. Specializing in track construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation for Edmonton's major railways and shortline railways, we prioritize the safety of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. Together, we aim to set new benchmarks for excellence in railway infrastructure throughout the Edmonton region.

Kleyson Edmonton track construction by Quality Railway
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Our Benefits

The Benefits Of Working With Quality Railway

  • Proven Expertise
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Safety-Centric Approach
  • Certified Aboriginal Owned Business

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