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Grande Prairie Track Construction & Maintenance Company

Quality Railway Services can meet all your railroad construction needs. Our services include track repair & maintenance, switch installation, and track inspection services.


Serving Grande Prairie's RailRoads

Track construction projects

Elevate your railway infrastructure with our expertise in constructing yards, spurs, sidings, and transit rails across Grande Prairie.

Track maintenance

Our dedicated team employs meticulous care to extend the lifespan and reliability of your railway tracks.

Surfacing projects

Smooth operations are guaranteed with precision in surfacing projects. Enhance track stability for a seamless experience.


From planning to installation, our team specializes in integrating railway switches, maintaining smooth operations


From heavy material handling to precise placement, we ensure smooth operations, supporting railway infrastructure development with a focus on safety and efficiency.


We efficiently excavate and maintain railway infrastructure to meet the demands of railway construction and maintenance projects.


We forge strong and durable connections between railway tracks, preserving the structural integrity of the rail network.


We maintain and repair switch points and frogs, vital components of railway tracks, optimizing lifespan, functionality and safety.

Track protection flagging

Our experienced team maintains a secure work environment, preventing accidents during construction and maintenance projects.

Certified Track inspectors

Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience to guarantee the reliability & safety of your tracks through thorough inspections.

Tie changing projects

Trust our experienced team to address challenges proactively, ensuring a robust and reliable track network.

Rail changing projects

Seamlessly replace rails to maintain the integrity and safety of your railway tracks ensuring a reliable and efficient rail network.


Our specialized snow removal services keep railway tracks clear, supporting safe passage for trains even during harsh winter conditions.

Light rail projects

Our commitment to superior quality and safety ensures a reliable and environmentally conscious solution for modern transit needs.

Direct fixation

Implementing direct fixation systems, we securely fasten railway tracks to the ground, ultimately contributing to the seamless and reliable operation of railway networks.

About Us

over 10 decades Of Grande Prairie Railroad Repair, Maintenance & Inspection

Our team of dedicated, experienced employees work together to bring the best ideas to the table, eliminating issues before they become problems and ensuring jobs are completed with utmost efficiency. Quality Railway Services’ employees have served all Class 1 Railways, Various Shortlines, Private vendors and Light Rail Transit around Grande Prairie and all around Canada. With help from our reputable, experienced senior employees, we are also on the top call list for many of these organizations and carry a proven track record of success.

Thermite welding in Grande Prairie Railroads.
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Our Benefits

The Benefits Of Working With Quality Railway

  • Proven Expertise
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Safety-Centric Approach
  • Certified Aboriginal Owned Business

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