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Quality Railway Services

Quality Railway Services is a COR certified, full-service railroad contracting company. Quality Railway Services serve Western Canada with projects that vary from track construction for yards and spurs, major sidings and transit rails. We also provide track maintenance and rehabilitation for the major class 1 railways and Shoreline Railways along as for our smaller customers 


Quality Railway Services was founded by Anthony Boyko, Colby Boyko, Shelton Boyko and Colton Pollard in 2015 and includes a team of qualified railway leaders who share a passion for providing the safest and highest quality work for the customers. Quality Railway Services culture is built around safety and the growth of our employee’s skills to continually provide quality and safe results, together we will deliver superior value to our customers.

Quality Railway Services strategy

To be a leader in the railway industry by providing exceptional services, relationships and safety.

To provide exceptional services that exceed the expectations of our customers. To help develop our ever-growing team to continue to provide exceptional services.


Mission Statement
To build long term relationships with our customers and clients to provide exceptional customer services by meeting all their needs.


Core values
We believe in carrying out respect and honesty with our customers
We add honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning



  • Expansion through out the railway industry in both Class 1, Shortline and Transit

  • Continual growth of knowledge and training through out our entire company

  • To continue to build our reputation through out the railway industry

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