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Class 1 Railway Switch point and Frog welding

  • Work in various yards around Alberta

  • Grind and weld frogs

  • Grind and weld points

  • Build up joints

  • Grind stock rails

AMRT Bruderheim (Continued from 2020)

  • Construct 38,152' of Track

  • Construct and Install 14 #10 Turnouts

  • Construct and Install switch point derails

  • Thermite weld crew

  • Dump Ballast

  • Surfacing crew

Class 1 Snow Fighter

  • Snow fighter removing snow from the mainline

Class 1 Backhoe Tie Change Program

  • Backhoes working in various locations changing out both wood and concrete ties on mainline track

Great Sands Railway Construction

  • Construct 2400' of track

  • Construct and Install 2 #10 Turnouts

  • Turnout removal

  • Dump Ballast

  • Surface track

Multiple Class 1 Section crews 

  • Respond to call outs

  • Change rail

  • Gauge track

  • Surface track

  • Patrol track

Great Sands Railway Tie Change

  • Change Switch ties

  • Change Track ties

  • Surface

Class 1 Surfacing Programs

  • Mark IV and Regulator working on various subs surfacing mainline track

Greater Edmonton Terminals 

  • Call out and Maintenance Crews

  • Upgrade switches

  • Surfacing crew


  • Supplied Mainline Flagging for various companies throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan 

Class 1 Railway Boom Truck Support Alberta/Saskatchewan

  • Assist crews with Track work

  • Clean up scrap

  • Lay out material

Class 1 Railway Gauging Crew

  • Gauge mainline track throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan

Class 1 Railway Thermite Welding Crews

  • Joint elimination

  • Weld Turnouts in live track

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